Massage & Body Treatments in Largo FL

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How "Swed" It Is
Our most famous and popular massage. A unique light-strong combination massage, soothing Swedish strokes relax the muscles and deep tissue massage relieves your aches caused by stressful tension knots.
60 min/$55 - 90 min/$85
Deep Tissue Massage
This treatment focuses on relieving muscle strain and soreness to relax hyper extended muscles and ligaments.
60 min/$65 - 90 min/$85
Ying & Yang Massage
Full body massage utilizes pure essential oil, drawn from plants and herbs that are blended and applied with a soothing oil that carries and helps promote complete relaxtion to balance your Chi.
60 min/$70 - 90 min/$85
Hot Stone Massage
Your entire body will be treated to a therapeutic and supremely relaxing experience. Let earth's elements heal you, one stone at a time.
60 min/$70 - 90 min/$85
This treatment alleviates pelvic pressure, eases back pain and decompresses the spine. Reduces swelling, edema and supports without pressure to allow deep breathing.
60 min/$55
Adam & Eve Experience
Be together in enigma... Let us help you bond on the ultimate experience together.
60 min/$110
Dead Sea Mud Body Treatment $60
Exfoliating Body Scrub $65
Seaweed Body Masque $55
Salt Glow $35

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